Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Hello Disney and Crafty Friends!! Where has the month of April gone?  I cannot believe that the last week of the month is here!  It has been a busy month!  We had out of town company earlier this month.  Such a great visit!  Friends from NY, FL, and family from CA.  My hubby and I hosted Easter dinner for family and friends.  My daughter made this for dessert:

Cupcakes loaded with toppings!  It made for a pretty centerpiece on the dessert table.

Our desert tortoises are out of hibernation.  Here is one of them:

I have been participating in several Cricut cut swaps.  Some of you may be asking what a swap is.  Well, how a swap usually works is a group decides on a theme, number of participants and what is to be exchanged.  Everyone participating sends their assigned cut to the coordinator of the swap and he or she sends everyone a variety of cuts back to each participant.  So if ten people participate you will end up with 10 different cuts (one of which is your own). It is a great way to get a variety of different cuts. In the swaps that I have recently participated in they have been Disney themed Cricut cuts.  For the first one I was assigned the "mystery" cut.  I LOVE doing the mystery cut.  I decided to make Mickey's pants, glove and small title.  You can see all three below. 

This next photo is not the best.  It is a work in progress. I was busy getting my "lounge chairs" ready to mail out to the swap coordinator.  Usually the coordinator asks that we put each cut in an individual bag with our name on it.  I like to make little labels with a message to put on my swap baggies.  I also put one of my blog cards in with it.  The "lounge chair" is for a Disney Cruise swap that I am in.  These chairs took HOURS of my time. LOL  Hours because I was trying to "slice" in Design Space when I should of "attached".  A call to Provo Craft solved my problem.  I wished I would of placed that call sooner. LOL!!  


April is Deal of the Day month at Close To My Heart.  There are still a few days left this month for you to take advantage of the special. Head on over here to read all about it.

 I took advantage of one of the higher priced deals and here is my box of goodies:

There are a lot more goodies underneath that first layer.

So there you have month of April.  At the moment I am working on another "mystery" cut for another Disney Themed swap.  This one will be all "Toy Story" cuts.  I cannot wait to see what everyone makes.  Once my cut is complete I will share with you what I did. 

I hope that you have had a great month!! Don't forget that you still have this week to participate in the monthly challenge over at Scrapbook Blessings Club.  Head on over here to do so.  I would love to see what you create!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a magical day!

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