Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday!

It is time for Wordless Wednesday!  The theme this week is:

Disney Couture!

Okay....I must admit something...I have heard the word "Couture" many times and I was pretty sure that I knew the meaning....BUT just to be sure, I looked it up! LOL

noun \kü-ˈtr, -ˈtuer\
: the business of designing, making, or selling women's clothes; also : women's clothes in general

I am happy to report that I was correct in what I thought the meaning was. LOL!!!

A BIG thanks to Deb at Focused On The Magic for hosting this awesome hop!  It is definitely my favorite time of the week!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a MAGICAL day!!!!


  1. Great pics! Love the Disney Couture. Minnie has style! Disney Smiles & Creative Blessings!

  2. Awesome photos! You're so pretty Brenda...love your smile!!!!!

  3. Great photos! Minnie is so cute!

  4. Great pics, I love that outfit on Minnie ;-)

  5. Beautiful photos of you, Brenda! Love your yellow sunglasses! :)

  6. So glad I stopped by ~ I am smiling ... love these pictures ...and all you do ... Hugs

  7. Another Minnie photo! Love her!! For #DisneyWordlessWednesday I also shared the most stylish girl mouse around!

  8. Love the glasses and Minnie is so stylish in her fly girl outfit!! Tres couture!


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