Monday, May 19, 2014


While shopping over the weekend I saw this display and could not help but smile.  It brought back such a fun and happy memory for me.  There is one special friend reading this post that will have the same memory.

Roll back time to about eight years ago.  My darling daughter was just a wee kindergartner and I was the "older" mother at the school with not much in common with anyone.  Not to mention when I introduced myself to the teacher I said my husbands name instead of my own.  See why I felt like the outsider?  I got off to a rocky start. LOL As time went on and it did not take long I finally found a fellow "mom" friend.  I had an instant connection with the mother of a boy in my daughter's class.  By December we had plans for what would become our annual shopping day together. That shopping day was the beginning of other shopping trips and a lot of fun times. 

On one of our shopping excursions, kids in tow this time (including my buddy's older daughter) we saw the Naked Juice display.  I don't know how it started but the older daughter had the kids convinced that to drink the juice you had to be naked.  She was very drink Naked Juice one MUST be naked and that is why it is called Naked Juice.  For days (maybe years) my daughter thought she had to be naked to drink Naked Juice.  Needless to say we never bought the juice.

So here we are. In just a few short days our once kindergartners will be big time eighth graders.  They now know that you do not have to be naked to drink Naked Juice.  I have no idea where the time has went but I sure am glad that I have such a good friend to share all the memories with! I already have that December shopping date on my calendar! 


  1. That is hilarious! My children would not have a problem with the naked part of drinking that juice...sigh....

  2. What a fun memory! You've scrapbooked this, right? Maybe with a 'naked' baby picture of your daughter.Those through the years albums make great graduation gifts. ;-) Hugs!

  3. OH that is such a sweet cute memory , I know I would have this scrapbooked too. :)


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