Saturday, August 24, 2013

Woo-Hoo It's The Weekend!

Happy weekend Disney and Crafty friends! What a week it has been! I am in the middle of a small home improvement project.  The project definitely does not fall into the category of "Disney", "Crafts", or "Other Fun Things".  It would be in a category labeled "A Whole Lot of Work". Or maybe, "Get dusty and dirty, lift heavy objects with strangers in your house.  Either way it is not fun. Don't get me wrong I will love the end result but for now this Disney Girl, who likes everything clean and in order, has been living in a mess and dust for a week.

Due to the fact that yesterday the only room I could actually function in was my craft/toy room I got a card made.  It was such a nice stress reliever to craft for a bit.  

This was a pretty quick and easy card to make.  For starters, I already had the cotton candy piece made (though my hubby and I think it looks nothing like cotton candy.  The Cricut guide called it cotton candy so I am going with it.)  The Cricut cartridge that I used was County Fair.  I used Flower Soft on the cotton candy and Stickles on the popcorn pieces.  I am attending a carnival themed birthday party for a five year old and thought that this would be a fun card to give her.

I also wanted to remind you that the Disney party continues over at A Peek Into My Paradise.   I will have a post over there on Monday August 26.  In the mean time be sure to check out all the other great bloggers that have shared their love and tips for Disney! 

I hope that you have a magical day!! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Ughh! Home renovations - I just read a post on fb asking why home renos are the leading cause of divorce. They totally would be for hubby & I!

    Love your card. What a sweet card for a birthday! I immediately recognized the cotton candy, so have no fear! I though this was a Disney card...mainly b/c I often see sticker packs featuring Mickey at a fair. ???? Not sure why really... but you could easily transform this into Mickey, with a Mickey silouhette on the ticket. Voila! Disney card! Good luck with your home!

  2. Such a fun card and beautiful color! It made me hungry for popcorn and something sweet....:)

  3. Cute card! I really like the popcorn. How did you make the other tickets? Is it an embossing folder?

    Your close, that was Minnie on desk not Mickey!

  4. Fabulous creation. Hope the home improvement project is going well.


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