Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scrapping at the Beach

The growing pile in my hallway.

As the date to my annual Scrap Camp drew closer the pile of things that I needed to take grew. (see picture at left)  Did I use everything that I took?  Of course not but I absolutely loved having it all with me just in case I needed it. LOL  Here is another peek into what I consider to be one of the best annual events EVER!!!!!  (This is my second post regarding camp.  To read the first post go here.)
My van.....loaded to the max!
Here I am ready to back out of my drive.  Unfortunately I couldn't see out! LOL 
I have finally arrived!

The "Snack Shack" at the beach!

The first round of prizes.

Decorations!  Beautiful painting done by my roommate's daughter.

Our beach!

We even had a tree for shade if we needed to get out of the sun.

I hope that you enjoyed another peek into Scrap Camp.  This is the second  of three posts that I will be doing about this fun weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope that you have a magical day!


  1. looks like y'all KNOW how to do a SCRAP up right . im totally jealous

  2. wow you guys really know how to have fun !... what a special treat to go away and enjoy your passion and your friends and share creative ideas...


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