Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Game Night

Family birthdays in my family are all about lunch/dinner, cake & ice cream.  Oh, and presents! And spending time together (specifically at the mall)! Recently one of my cousins requested to celebrate her birthday with an added twist to it.  She wanted to have a Family Game Night.  Now, I love a good game, but the mall lover in me had really hoped that she would have went with the usual girls birthday plan.....lunch and shopping at the mall.  The younger ones in the family were dreaming of the X-Box game we would all play.  The older (dare I say) members in the family were thinking of all kinds of excuses to get out of actually playing any kind of game whatsoever.  Once I got over the shock of not going to the mall I dusted off all of the board games I had and got ready to play!  My daughter had BIG plans for herself, dad & I.  She envisioned us as a team wearing matching shirts and taking down the other family members.  LOL   So.....Matching shirts it was! 

Creating our Team shirts

Our Team has arrived!  The hubby refused the shirt idea and opted for a bandana instead.  My daughter made the sign for him to wear.  See what happens if you do not wear the team shirt?  You get a sign instead.
The Team to beat!

Well I am here to tell you that the evening was one of the BEST family nights we have all spent together.  It was SO much fun!  There was no X-Box played and ALL of the family (including those that tried to get out of it) were involved.  Pictionary was the name of the game and a fantastic time was had by all!  I would love to post a picture of my wonderful cousin, the birthday girl, who thought of Family Game Night.  That being said, she is not a lover of her picture being taken, let alone posted on a blog. I respect that ... so no picture of the birthday girl.  Just a BIG hug & I love you her way!!!


  1. haha..the shirts are fun!! following from the Super sunday sync .. drop in anytime : ).. we are co-hosting a hop too right now


  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all and glad to see that there was some crafting going on there with your t-shirts.

  3. Love the tshirts what a cool idea! Popping back from the ILMP hop :) Already a follower via GFC so have popped over and given you a like on facebook :)

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