Monday, October 8, 2012


Just a reminder that it is not too late to link up to the Super Sunday Sync Blog Hop.  We have two hours left to help Dawn reach her goal of 70!  I would LOVE to see her reach her goal.  She is only six away from hitting it.  

Is anyone out there Amazing Race fans???  I usually do not blog about television but I have to say I am loving this season of the Amazing Race (and it is only week two)!  It usually takes me several weeks, if not half of the season, to get caught up in the Race.  At the beginning there are so many teams that I usually like it better once half of them have been eliminated.  NOT the case this season.  I am enjoying all of the teams with the exception of one.  LOL  So far they have yet to be eliminated. It is going to be one terrific season!

That's all that I have for tonight.  Thanks for stopping by & have a Disney kind of day tomorrow!

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