Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh, How I remember!

Oh, that sound and oh that smell!  What could I possibly be talking about..............................................

You see, there is nothing like it! The sound of a shutter clicking away and the smell of a roll of film.  In this digital age those are two rare things.  Two things that I had almost forgotten about until this holiday season.  It all started when my daughter wanted a "good" camera for Christmas. I watched her as she held that "good" (meaning top of the line, expensive) camera in her hands at the store. She was trying to decide which one to put on her Christmas list. It was watching her that I felt that rush of dad taking photos (and at one time only slides), my first 35 mm camera, printing black and white prints in the dark room, etc.  You get it right?  I went home that day and told my husband what she wanted for Christmas. I proceeded to tell him how there was NO way she was getting a $$$ camera at her age. He stopped me mid-sentence (well mid rant) and said "Don't you remember how it felt the first time you held "thee" camera?" (says my hubby who has a degree in Fine Arts) Yes, I very much did remember.  There are few things that I remember that well.  While going through my closet today I found all of my old camera equipment. So funny, I still have people ask if I have the camera with the Mickey Mouse strap.  Funny they remember it.  Probably because there was a time that I was never without it.

When I opened the camera bag it was like visiting an old friend. To add to the fun and the memories in it I found my dad's camera and some rolls of unused film. It has been years since I have opened this bag up.  I clicked away and smelled the film! Nothing like it! LOL

For those of you wondering, my daughter did receive a camera for Christmas. She did not get the $$$ camera she wanted but she did get one that she loves. All because her dad and I remember!


  1. Oh my, my first camera was Kodak 110 instamatic. I was 8 and it was the best thing in the whole world! Sadly my Canon AE1 was stolen. I still have all of my prints I developed myself and all my dark room notes! Who knew we would now be photoshopping and printing on our own printer!!

  2. What a wonderful memory. Like Nancy, my first camera was a 110. I love the Fuji Bob bought me for Christmas three years ago. I use it a lot. I'm still learning how to use it - thankfully everything is automatic with the right setting. But I'd love to learn how to do more and upgrade. I still pull out the minolta with the wide angle and zoom lenses. Only good for outside shots but I love the weight of it in my hands.

  3. My dad was a big camera buff in his day too. I never took to it, but yet I was devastated when my point and click digital camera took a nose dive this past weekend.

  4. I can't even remember what my first camera was except for it was some sort of Kodak....I have a Canon professional style now & I LOVE it!!!! This was a very nice trip down the old camera lane Brenda & I'm glad your daughter got a camera that she loves!!!!!

  5. What a special story. I'm so glad that you dug out your old photo cameras and supplies and were able to travel back to an earlier time in your life that brought happy memories. I'm sure that your DD with her new camera will start making some wonderful memories of her own to share with her own children one day.


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