Friday, October 25, 2013

Being A Big!

Hello Disney and Crafty Friends!  Today I have decided to share a story with you that I hope that you will enjoy.

Many years ago......24 to be exact I made a decision that would completely change my life and help make me the person that I am today.  Twenty-four years ago  I joined  Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  In July of that year, just weeks shy of her sixth birthday, I was matched with my Little Sister.  While I knew we were the perfect match I had no idea that joining Bigs (as we call it) would have such a huge impact on my life.  Not only did I gain a Little Sister but I also met my husband thru Bigs and made life long friends.  We were a group of adults of similar ages with different backgrounds who were all volunteering our time for something we really believed in which was the program of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. 


Flash forward to 2013.......... twenty-four years later I am the very proud "Big Sister" to a thirty year old "Little"!  She has grown up to be an amazing woman and mother!  I could not be more proud of her!  Watch for yourself:

(We were asked to tell our story for the 50th anniversary. This was filmed fall of 2012.)
*My video should play first.  If it does not I am number 5 on the playlist*
As the local chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters celebrates their 50th year anniversary it has made me really reflect on how just making that one decision to become a "Big" really impacted my life.  I am so incredibly grateful to the agency for matching me with the BEST "Little" there is.  I am so thankful for all of the wonderful friends that I have made through Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Who would of thought that I would have met my hubby there either?  Yes, indeed, it changed my life and what a good life it is!  If you ever think you want to become a  Big Brother or Big Sister just do it! You won't regret it!

My hubby and I with our 'Little's" 2013


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  1. What a beautiful, touching tribute- you both shine brightly! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Such an incredible story. Your "Little" is such a doll and it's very heart warming to see the impact you made in her life. Nice that you got a great hubby in the process too. ;)

  3. What a great video and story! I love that she took so much from the relationship, and that you still have a relationship when she's grown. Pretty cool too, that you met your husband in the organization. :)

  4. This is such a wonderful story and organization. It is great that you are both still apart of each other's lives.


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