Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun At The Fair

Recently I attended the local fair.  I was very excited to go.  For starters I had not been in a few years.  I always tell my daughter that we go to Disneyland and that is why we don't go to the Fair.  This year I felt that just because she has a mom crazy for Disney doesn't mean that she should miss out on the Fair.  I always went to the Fair growing up.  My family is definitely a Fair, Amusement Park loving group.  So all that being we went.  Now I did not plan ahead.  That means we did not go on "wristband" night and I had no coupons.  I knew the price would be high but I have to admit I was still surprised at how high it was.  I spent about $130.00 for an evening at the fair.  I am not complaining as I had a FANTASTIC time.  Even better, my sweet girl had a ball.  But..... I could of spent that at Disneyland and got far more for it. LOL!! 

For those of you wondering (and I know you are out there) this is how the $130 broke down:
$5.00 - parking
$16.00 - admission ($8 each)
$27.00 - One burger, one soda and one onion ring
$50.00 - rides (about 9) and games (about 3)
$10.00 - cotton candy and water
$10.00 - nachos and water
$10.00 - kettle corn and soda refill
$2.00 - quarters I tossed at one of the games

So there you have it.  That is where it all went. Next year (if we go) I will probably plan ahead and fight the crowd on wristband night. My daughter is like I used to be (now the spinning gets to me) ...... she loves the rides.  The faster the better.  I did do one ride. Well that is if you consider the GIANT slide a ride.  After climbing to the top of that thing I made the decision that this was my last time sliding down the slide. If by some chance the Fair has an elevator to take me to the top next year I will be happy to slide on down.  Otherwise I will save my riding for Disney attractions.

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend filled with all of your favorite things!!

I guess you cannot put a price on fun!


  1. It does sound like a lot of $$, but also looks like lots of fun!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! You always do no matter you're doing...TFS!!!


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