Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

It's time for another Wordless Wednesday!  This weeks theme is:


A big thanks to Deb over at Focused On The Magic for hosting this fun weekly link up!!

Most of you probably know what attraction this is.  If you do not know this is the Skyway!  One of my favorite rides.  This pic is of my brother.  (Please note how my mother always pinned our ticket to our shirt.) 

While going thru old photos I also found this one.  It is quite possible that it was taken on the same day as the above one of my brother.  This had to be our view from the Skyway.  For some fun pics of this attraction head on over to Yesterland.

One more pic..........................................

My Dad & Mom

Since the theme is "transportation" I had to include this shot of my wonderful parents on the train.  My love of Disney started because they loved it so much and made each trip there magical!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope that you have a delightful, Disney kind of day!!!!


  1. Great shots- what a crowd! I love the ticket pinned to the shirt... :)

  2. What great pictures! I too love the Skyway and the ticket pinned to the shirt is precious! Thanks for sharing and for joining in the DWW Blog Hop fun!

  3. Such precious photos and memories! Love looking at these classic pictures. Thanks for sharing a part of your childhood memories with us!

  4. I miss the Skyway! I always enjoyed the view.

  5. Wow! I have been checking out your blog. You REALLY love Disney!! I like Disney and was lucky enough to get to go on one of the first cruises they did. So fun! My sister is a travel agent and made me go. I didn't think I'd like it but I loved it! Happy to be following you via GFC and looking forward to more.


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