Monday, January 28, 2013

The Perfect Pickle! Where Are You?

I do not usually blog about food.  Well I guess that I do mention my love for cookies every now and then.  Oh, yes, and my strong connection to butter cream frosted cake. That being said I guess that I do occasionally talk about food (baked goods that is). Well today the topic is not delicious baked goods but it is PICKLES!  While putting my groceries away today I realized that my refrigerator is full.  If it is so full then WHY do we not have anything to eat? refrigerator is FULL of pickles.  SIX jars, TWO tupperware containers and several (FOUR but who is counting) pickles in individual serving packages to be exact.  We are a family of three and we have all of these pickles.  I asked my husband about this and his answer was......"I have yet to find the perfect pickle".  I guess we can at least say that we have looked for it.  Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope that you have a magical evening!


  1. LOL
    That is too funny! You should scrap that photo and journal and journal exactly what you typed! That is priceless!!!!

  2. Well at least I know where to go when I need some pickles!!

  3. The best pickles, IMHO, are the Claussen pickles. They can be found in the refrigerated section near the cheese.


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